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Thursday, 15 September 2016

How To Fix/Restart a Hanged Or Unresponsive Android Phone With Non-Removable Battery

Hello friends, as you know nowadays, in the market most of the smartphones are coming with built-in battery or Non-removable battery. And the most disgusting thing in these mobile is that when these phones got hanged or become unresponsive. And nothing happens when you tap or do anything.

In the removal battery. If any hanging problem arises, then we simply remove the battery. But what to do in these type of phones with the non-removable battery -  How Can I Reboot A Hanged Phone With Non-Removable Battery? So today I am going to share a simple method to restart your phone when it becomes unresponsive.

So just follow below simple steps and restart your hanged phone.

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Steps To Restart Hanged Android Phone

  1. When your phone got hanged. Just hold Power key + Volume down Key simultaneously .
  2. After 3 or 5 seconds your phone will restart or will be shut down.
  3. Now your phone will become responsive again and will work.
Note:- In some phones You have to hold only Power key for 10 seconds and the phone will be restarted.

Last Words:-

So friends this was a short guide on how to restart hanged android phone. And if you are facing any problem just comment it below, we will help you. And if you like this post just share it with your friends on social media.


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